The largest city in Miskavern and arguably the known world. Talme’s population has steadily grown due to the influx of refugees from the Ja’zhir Empire’s conquests.

Talme is home to all races from the lowly Kobolds to the uppity Eladrin. The population is very diverse though generally the less monstrous races are more well to do. However, this is a generalization not a hard rule. Likewise the slums are not all monstrous races.

Local Lore
Urban legend has it that a cult of Vecna operates on the east side of town. There is an old graveyard there, and it is widely rumored that cultists have been using it as a breeding ground for necromantic experiments for years.

Noble Houses
House Trevezant

Places of Interest
Mistress Bethwyn’s Home for Children
The Mortar and Pestle
The Long Pony
The Laughing Wren
The Drowning Dwarf
The Rusty Clock


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