Rise of the Ja'zhir

Out of the Feywild and into the Ja'zhir Empire!

Lady Shandria offered to send us back to the mortal realm as soon as we wished, but requested a favor in return. Her son, Colwyn, was missing and presumed captured by the Ja’zhir. “A foolish, useless boy,” Shandria described him, “but my son nevertheless, and I’d like to see him safe.”

“I’ve been trying to teach the boy some skills worthy of a son of an eladrin warlord of the line of the Summer Queen,” she explained. “Though Astrazalian’s location in the mortal realm seems safe enough for the time being, I like to know where my potential enemies are and what they’re doing. I sent Colwyn along on a scouting mission to report on the movements of the Ja’zhir. He disappeared in the night while he was supposed to be on watch, and my scouts were unable to locate him. They did find signs of a scuffle, and they returned with the belief that the Ja’zhir had captured him.

“If Colwyn was indeed taken by the Ja’zhir, I believe it very likely that he is still alive. Fool though he is, he does have a remarkable instinct for self-preservation, and he would surely have sense enough to proclaim himself my son, and could produce his signet ring to verify his claim. Though I have heard no word of a ransom as of yet, I suspect the Ja’zhir would recognize that my son is of significantly more value to them alive than dead.

“I have had my best mages try scrying for Colwyn, but with no luck. Something seems to be interfering with any attempts to spy on the Ja’zhiri using magical means.”

We agreed to help if we could, and Lady Shandria explained her plan to us. During Astrazalian’s stay in the mortal realm, her scouts had captured/killed several Ja’zhir soldiers. She wanted us to outfit ourselves in the uniforms they’d collected, and find a way into the Ja’zhir outpost where she believed Colwyn was most likely still being held.

After disguising ourselves as Ja’zhir soldiers, we were ushered into a room where several mages awaited us. They performed a ritual to send us back to our homeworld, and in a flash of blinding purple light, we found ourselves standing alone in the woods.

[to be completed]



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