Rise of the Ja'zhir

Getting caught up...

We saved some orphans from cultists who were turning them into monsters. We thought it was Bethwyn from Mistress Bethwyn’s Home for Children at first, she was kind of a bitch. But it turned out not to be her. There was a noblemen who had some connections to the cultists in his family past but it turned out not to be him either. He was just trying to help the monster kids. It was cultists turning the kids into monsters. There was an eladrin girl with a dog that helped us find the cultists when we were lost then promptly vanished without a trace. (End Kari’s DMing.)

Then we joined a competition of hunters for ancient relics of Miskavern. These relics are fabled to have saved the Kingdom many times before. Our hands were marked with an arcane symbol so we could be identified as relic hunters. Our search turned up empty but we did manage to scry a glimpse of where the relics might be. (End Sandy’s DMing.)

Next we thwarted a Ja’zhiri beholder gauth that was working in a secret lab and using strange creatures to control anyone attempting to start a militia to prepare for the Ja’zhir The city of Talme seemed to have little interest in preparation as they believed the Jazhir Empire to not be a threat. (End Aaron’s DMing.)

Then it got zombie crazy. Talme was being overrun with undead. First we fortified our Inn and our friendly barkeep. Then headed to see Magistrate Gartner. After saving him (everyone needs saving these days), we rallied some troops and headed outside of town to find the source of the undead menace. It was a dracolich before we could do battle with him he flew off ending the zombies. However, he took with him what seemed to be a chest from the relic scrying pool. (End Nick’s DMing.)

Eladrins were coming throw from the feywild and killing relic hunters who they believed to be after an artifact they guarded. After being attacked by them Magistrate Gartner warned us about them. He told we should go threw to the feywild and attempt to stop them. Gartner also said it couldn’t hurt to see if they did indeed have relic. After trouncing them and looting their temple, we did indeed find a relic hidden in a ball of roots. The relic was The Prismatic Lens. (End Aaron’s DMing.)

Leaving the temple we discovered that the portal back to Talme in the material plane was no longer functioning. We proceeded to get captured and taken to the feydark. A man there offered us a way home if we killed his rival, a hag in the swamp. We proceeded through the swamp to slay the hag. The we returned and slayed our captor as well. He was a very unpleasant man and could not be trusted. He had a magic item that could take us to the nearest portal. (End Sandy’s DMing.)

And with that we are all caught up. Kari is up next to DM… lets see how we do about keeping this thing up to date.



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