Rise of the Ja'zhir

Finding Our Way Home... Maybe

Using the lodestone of the planes we were pointed in the direction of a portal back to the mortal realm. We traveled north bound for several days though a heavily forested area. After a few days we stumbled into a goblin hunting party. We quickly dispatched the hunting party but not before one of them blow his horn.

After a running through the forest dodging traps and goblin search parties we finally made it to the edge of the forest. The forest ended and the land opened up into vast plains. There was an army camped along the edge of the forest. They were flying banners bearing the same symbol we saw on the hunting party. The lodestone was pointing us into the plain.

The army spotted and captured us. We were placed into holding cells that seemed to dampen magic. We rallied other prisoners and attacked the guards with rocks. We then failed to find our gear in their camp and were promptly recaptured. Doh!

We were then called before the leader of this army, a Fomorian. She proceeded to dig through our things and harass us. She found The Prismatic Lens and seemed very excited. However, her excitement did not last as an eladrin lady with golden dog showed up as we were about to be executed. The Fomorian’s demeanor changed at the sight of her. The Fomorian was afraid. The lady demanded we be released and The Prismatic Lens be returned to us. She gave the lens to Reeds, closing her fingers around it.

The lady then led us out into the field where we sat and waited. After a few hours, Astrazalian appeared. It was back from the mortal realm for the fall and winter. We entered the city and were promptly taken to see Lady Shandria, the city’s leader. The mysterious Eladrin Lady warned us not to stay and help the city. Our destiny was elsewhere, she said, telling us, “This is not your fight.” She then turned to Thalen and said, “Not yet.” After ensuring that we would be treated as honored guests during our stay in the City of Starlight, the mysterious lady left. Lady Shandria gave us suites in the palace and asked us to make ourselves comfortable.



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