Rise of the Ja'zhir

Out of the Feywild and into the Ja'zhir Empire!

Lady Shandria offered to send us back to the mortal realm as soon as we wished, but requested a favor in return. Her son, Colwyn, was missing and presumed captured by the Ja’zhir. “A foolish, useless boy,” Shandria described him, “but my son nevertheless, and I’d like to see him safe.”

“I’ve been trying to teach the boy some skills worthy of a son of an eladrin warlord of the line of the Summer Queen,” she explained. “Though Astrazalian’s location in the mortal realm seems safe enough for the time being, I like to know where my potential enemies are and what they’re doing. I sent Colwyn along on a scouting mission to report on the movements of the Ja’zhir. He disappeared in the night while he was supposed to be on watch, and my scouts were unable to locate him. They did find signs of a scuffle, and they returned with the belief that the Ja’zhir had captured him.

“If Colwyn was indeed taken by the Ja’zhir, I believe it very likely that he is still alive. Fool though he is, he does have a remarkable instinct for self-preservation, and he would surely have sense enough to proclaim himself my son, and could produce his signet ring to verify his claim. Though I have heard no word of a ransom as of yet, I suspect the Ja’zhir would recognize that my son is of significantly more value to them alive than dead.

“I have had my best mages try scrying for Colwyn, but with no luck. Something seems to be interfering with any attempts to spy on the Ja’zhiri using magical means.”

We agreed to help if we could, and Lady Shandria explained her plan to us. During Astrazalian’s stay in the mortal realm, her scouts had captured/killed several Ja’zhir soldiers. She wanted us to outfit ourselves in the uniforms they’d collected, and find a way into the Ja’zhir outpost where she believed Colwyn was most likely still being held.

After disguising ourselves as Ja’zhir soldiers, we were ushered into a room where several mages awaited us. They performed a ritual to send us back to our homeworld, and in a flash of blinding purple light, we found ourselves standing alone in the woods.

[to be completed]

Finding Our Way Home... Maybe

Using the lodestone of the planes we were pointed in the direction of a portal back to the mortal realm. We traveled north bound for several days though a heavily forested area. After a few days we stumbled into a goblin hunting party. We quickly dispatched the hunting party but not before one of them blow his horn.

After a running through the forest dodging traps and goblin search parties we finally made it to the edge of the forest. The forest ended and the land opened up into vast plains. There was an army camped along the edge of the forest. They were flying banners bearing the same symbol we saw on the hunting party. The lodestone was pointing us into the plain.

The army spotted and captured us. We were placed into holding cells that seemed to dampen magic. We rallied other prisoners and attacked the guards with rocks. We then failed to find our gear in their camp and were promptly recaptured. Doh!

We were then called before the leader of this army, a Fomorian. She proceeded to dig through our things and harass us. She found The Prismatic Lens and seemed very excited. However, her excitement did not last as an eladrin lady with golden dog showed up as we were about to be executed. The Fomorian’s demeanor changed at the sight of her. The Fomorian was afraid. The lady demanded we be released and The Prismatic Lens be returned to us. She gave the lens to Reeds, closing her fingers around it.

The lady then led us out into the field where we sat and waited. After a few hours, Astrazalian appeared. It was back from the mortal realm for the fall and winter. We entered the city and were promptly taken to see Lady Shandria, the city’s leader. The mysterious Eladrin Lady warned us not to stay and help the city. Our destiny was elsewhere, she said, telling us, “This is not your fight.” She then turned to Thalen and said, “Not yet.” After ensuring that we would be treated as honored guests during our stay in the City of Starlight, the mysterious lady left. Lady Shandria gave us suites in the palace and asked us to make ourselves comfortable.

Getting caught up...

We saved some orphans from cultists who were turning them into monsters. We thought it was Bethwyn from Mistress Bethwyn’s Home for Children at first, she was kind of a bitch. But it turned out not to be her. There was a noblemen who had some connections to the cultists in his family past but it turned out not to be him either. He was just trying to help the monster kids. It was cultists turning the kids into monsters. There was an eladrin girl with a dog that helped us find the cultists when we were lost then promptly vanished without a trace. (End Kari’s DMing.)

Then we joined a competition of hunters for ancient relics of Miskavern. These relics are fabled to have saved the Kingdom many times before. Our hands were marked with an arcane symbol so we could be identified as relic hunters. Our search turned up empty but we did manage to scry a glimpse of where the relics might be. (End Sandy’s DMing.)

Next we thwarted a Ja’zhiri beholder gauth that was working in a secret lab and using strange creatures to control anyone attempting to start a militia to prepare for the Ja’zhir The city of Talme seemed to have little interest in preparation as they believed the Jazhir Empire to not be a threat. (End Aaron’s DMing.)

Then it got zombie crazy. Talme was being overrun with undead. First we fortified our Inn and our friendly barkeep. Then headed to see Magistrate Gartner. After saving him (everyone needs saving these days), we rallied some troops and headed outside of town to find the source of the undead menace. It was a dracolich before we could do battle with him he flew off ending the zombies. However, he took with him what seemed to be a chest from the relic scrying pool. (End Nick’s DMing.)

Eladrins were coming throw from the feywild and killing relic hunters who they believed to be after an artifact they guarded. After being attacked by them Magistrate Gartner warned us about them. He told we should go threw to the feywild and attempt to stop them. Gartner also said it couldn’t hurt to see if they did indeed have relic. After trouncing them and looting their temple, we did indeed find a relic hidden in a ball of roots. The relic was The Prismatic Lens. (End Aaron’s DMing.)

Leaving the temple we discovered that the portal back to Talme in the material plane was no longer functioning. We proceeded to get captured and taken to the feydark. A man there offered us a way home if we killed his rival, a hag in the swamp. We proceeded through the swamp to slay the hag. The we returned and slayed our captor as well. He was a very unpleasant man and could not be trusted. He had a magic item that could take us to the nearest portal. (End Sandy’s DMing.)

And with that we are all caught up. Kari is up next to DM… lets see how we do about keeping this thing up to date.

Master mind. (Nicks DM Session)

The party leaves the fight with the 2 were rat thieves with the container for the magistrate. They travel for a bit and find an exit and find what seems to be a large access point to the above street. When they climb out they find capt Vilimore and 2 of his personal guards waiting for them. During the fierce battle that ensues vilimore reveals that he was the 4th thief and that he had masterminded the whole plan, including the guards at the very beginning that attacked even though the party had tried to surrender. In the end They vanquished him and delivered the box to the magistrate and received a reward.

The Beginning (Nicks DM Session)

Our Party Arrived in town and tended to some things. Traveling with them were a pair of orphaned children, whom Xekalis had taken under his wing and promised to get to safety. They saw the children safely bestowed at the local orphanage and then found rooms for themselves at the Long Pony Inn and Tavern. The next morning while sitting down in the tavern 4 archers and 1 guard rush into the bar and block the entrances letting. The guard motions for a couple groups of bystanders to get out of there quickly. The guard then demands that the 4 companions throw down their weapons and come with them peacfully. Capt. Valeria and Thalen attempt to reason with them but the guards launch an attack before either can finish their sentance. The archers and guards are dispatched quickly. And Valeria and Thalen begin to question the guard…they find out that the town magistrate has had a lock box stolen from him and the suspects where described as a soldier, a woodsman, a brute, and a commoner. The party was going to take the man back to the guard station alive when a crossbow bolt fly’s across the room and plants it’self firmly in the guards chest. Reeds runs outside to check for tracks and finds some that leed off for a short distance and appear to disappear.

The party then decides to split up, look for information on the thieves, and then meet back up in the slums at the bar The Laughing Wren. Reeds decides to sneak around a guard post and overhears some conversation about an operation involving thieves at the Drowning dwarf. Capt. Caldwell interrigates a merchant and finds out that a couple of people matching the thieves description had been hanging out at the Laughing Wren, the Drowning Dwarf, and the Rusty Clock. Thalen manages to find a church dedicated to his diety. He prays for guidance to see if he is following the correct path and is briefly filled with a light and warmth that he takes as a good sign. Xekalis proceeds directly to The Laughing Wren and hangs waiting for the rest of his party. When the rest of them show up they exchange intel and decide to send reeds to the Drowning dwarf to survey the scene and gather further intel. She pokes her head out the front door of the inn only to be greeted by 2 guards with a couple of guard dogs. She bolts back in and alerts her companions only to see 2 more guards with dogs burst in through the back door of the tavern. Combat ensues…Xekalis downs a a couple of the dogs with a fiery blast from his hands. Thalen immediately takes control of the battle by engaging a couple guards. Capt. Caldwell also entertains a couple guards while Xekalis and Reeds support them from the back. They finish them all off and then take a moment to compose themselves.

The party then proceeded to The Drowning Dwarf. As the walked into the inn the saw 4 cloak figures up at the bar. They came in and sat down in-front of a fire in the middle of the room and made themselves comfortable. Suddenly the men through off their cloaks revealing that they where soldiers. They leap up onto the table in front of the party and Capt. Caldwell tips the table over throwing 3 of them onto their heads knocking them unconscious. The 4th one drops quickly. Amid the confusion a soldier with a guard dog blocked each door and a woman began walking down the stair from upstairs. She spoke with a very calculating voice, “not my best men but i suppose they served their purpose as decoys well enough”. She stepped forwards and launched a spray of colors into the party damaging and dazing most of them. Thalen recognizing the threat and her lack of for thought in rushing forward, sprung into action knocking her down and grievously wounding her. The guards then lunged into the fray but it was too late when Capt. Caldwell delivered the final blow. The party finished up the other 2 guards and Reeds patched everyone up.

Tired and irritated the party then decided to check out The Rusty Clock for more clues. But while in an ally several thieves armed with rapiers and daggers stepped out along with a rather large man with long blond hair and extremely fair features. He began by insulting Valeria Caldwells looks as being simple and un-notworth and then proceeded to attempt to taker her head off with his axe. A fierce battle ensued that ended with Capt. Caldwell faltering and possibly meeting her end if not for the fast work of Reeds in getting her back up and into the battle. With the combined might of the party they where able to drop the pretty boy barbarian Balboa and then make fast work of his hench men.

After defeating Balboa they tied him up and began trying to question him but Reeds alerted the party that there was a commotion at the end of the ally. They all looked behind them to see what must have been 20 or more soldiers marching down the alley. They party fled down the alley and into the street but not before Capt. Caldwell left Balboa with a markedly less-pretty face and relieved him of his finely crafted axe. Once out in the street the party began to flee. Reeds attempted to blend in with a crowd of people who would have no part in it and dispersed leaving her out in the open. Xekalis and Thalen made good use of their military training and sprinted off into the distance. Capt. Caldwell leapt over a wall and took cover. They all safely eluded the guards and met up and decide to rest before setting off for The Rusty Clock again.

The next morning they stride into the Rusty Clock and sit down as inconspicuously as possible. Thalen ordered grits, Reeds, and Caldwell get a pint of beer each, Xekalis just sits back and waits. While sitting there Reeds spots the back of what looks like a woods looking person going into the back of the bar. They all get up and head that way, the cook tells them to just hold their horses, the grits will be ready soon enough. They head down into the basement and Reeds tracks the woodsy figures footprints a short while till they disappear amidst a plethora of rodent tracks that seem to lead to a sewer manhole cover. They remove the lid and drop down into the sewer. They travel for a bit in till they come to a opened up room where the sewer makes a turn, rats swarming everywhere. Capt. Caldwell and Thalen push foward into the next room. While reeds a bit nervous about the disappearing humans proceeds to explode every rat she see’s. Caldwell and Thalen where just about to leave the room when one of Reeds spells missed a rat. The rat then morphed into a half rat half human and proceeded to rush her. Caldwell and Thalen turned to help but 2 rat swarms that seemed to come from nowhere poured out of cracks and wholes and began attacking them. At the same time to figures popped up at the other end of the room and began talking to each other and congratulating each other on luring the party down here. Upon seeing the were rat duo Thalen imediatly disengages the rat swarms and begins moving in their direction. Xekalis and Caldwell finish off the ratswarms and Reeds and her fox finish off the 2 small were rat’s that where attacking her. Thalen gains what he thinks is the upper hand on the rat brothers Kumo and Dalin but they unless a vicious combination attack upon Thalin attacking him from all directions at once. Just when all seemed lost for him Reeds jumped in with a series of spells that kept him up and Xekalis and Caldwell joined the fray and helped keep the rats from having their way with Thalen again. On the rats Reeds found a druid totem that the rat had been carrying around for the disguise, she can’t help but wonder if the rat had any idea it was magical. The party also found the lock box that had been stolen, which they returned to Magistrate Gartner. Its contents remain unknown to the party.

The Story Thus Far

Capt. Valeria Caldwell is the commander of a unit from Herios. Thalen d’Larou is a paladin in her unit. Reeds is a tracker and woodsman that enlisted to help out with the fight against the Ja’Zhir. And Xekalis is a wanderer that has been hanging out with the unit since they met while both defending a town from a Ja’Zhir army detachment. They’ve since fled Herios together and have ended up in Miskavern.


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